Obtaining a K1 Visa in Thailand

Obtaining a K1 Visa in Thailand

The K1 Visa in Thailand was created to allow US citizens to take their Thai fiancee back to the United States for the purposes of marriage. It is always best to speak to a Bangkok immigration lawyer when dealing with the US government. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for more information.

If you are wanting to take your Thai fiancee back to the US you would have to apply for a K1 Visa in Thailand. This is a fiancee visa which allows your Thai fiancee to enter the US to marry you. Safe to say you would need to be a US citizen to be able to apply for the K1 visa for her. If she has children you would also need to look at a applying for a K2 Visa which is a children’s visas which is coupled to the K1 visa. Speak to bangkok immigration lawyer about this.

You would need to prove that you are able to take care of your fiancee and that you have a place to stay. You also need to show proof of a relationship such as letters and emails. If your fiancee has ever overstayed a US Visa this would become a major problem. If she has been convicted of a criminal offence this too might be a stumbling block. Speak to a Bangkok immigration lawyer about these. To sum up these are the basics of a K1 Visa in Bangkok:

1. Birth certificate Divorce or death certificate of any previous spouse.

2. Police certificate from all places lived since age 16

3. Medical examination evidence of support.

4. Evidence of valid relationship with the petitioner.

Once the initial visa has been approved there will also be an interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok and it is always best to use a law firm that will go with your fiancee to the interview in the event that there are more questions and documents that are needed. Speak to us online now. We are more than able to assist you with getting your Thai fiancee back to the States. With offices in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Hua Hin we are best able to assist you with your US Visa application in Thailand. Allows us to assist you and your Thai fiancee today!


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