Getting a K3 Spouse Visa in Thailand

K3 Spouse Visa in Thailand

The K3 Spouse Visa  is used by US citizens to bring their Thai wife to the United States to settle. In order to obtain this visa you need to be legally married to your wife. There are also financial requirements which you need to exceed and the process needs to be understood for success..

The K3 Visa does take a bit longer than the K1 Visa however it has many other benefits. These include easier adjustment of status later and work permit applications. In order to obtain a K3 Visa you need to be legally married you to your wife. Cohabitation does not count as marriage for the visa and polygamy is also not allowed. Common law wife depending on the country where you have a common law wife may count however it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer in Bangkok about that..

There are certain documents which are needed and these include but are not limited to:.

1. The Application form for the Visa;

2. Police certificates for both you and your wife;

3. Your birth certificates;

4. Death or Divorce certificates from previous relationships;

5. Medical examination;

6. Proof of income.

These are the basic which are needed from both you and your Thai wife. The Embassy may ask for more documentation as is needed however your lawyer will usually take care of this at the US Embassy in Bangkok. Note that if your wife had previously overstayed her US visa this will create problems or if she has ever been convicted of an offence. When applying for a K3 Visa always use an immigration attorney as the US government does reject applications which are not completed correctly. Speak to an online consultant now or call our US tollfree number for assistance. The call is free so make use of it.

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