UK Fiancee Visa in Bangkok

UK Fiancee Visa in Bangkok

Seek the services of an attorney in Bangkok  when applying for a UK Fiancee Visa  for your Thai fiancee. There are certain requirements that need to be met and procedures followed. Speak to one of our immigration lawyers in Bangkok or at any of our offices in Thailand today for advice on Family Law and UK Immigration..

What you need to provide in terms of documentation is the following:


1. You need to prove that you are a UK citizen;

2. Copies of your bank statements for the past 3 years;

3. Three years worth of tax returns;

4.  A letter from your employer to prove employmentl;

5. Proof of ownership if you have property or a rental agreement;

6. Proof of divorce if you are divorced.


Those are the basics and may differ from couple to couple. The British government wants to be certain that you are able to not only support yourself but also your fiancee in the UK. This being the reason why they also need to see property or a rental agreement  so they know that you have a place to live and will not be a burden on the British taxpayer. You Thai fiancee would need the following:


1. Proof of divorce if she was married before;

 2. Education certificates for highest grade passed or degree;

3. Birth certificate;

4. Proof of a relationship;

5. Proof of no criminal convictions.


Those are the basics however it is always best to speak to an immigration attorney about what else might be needed as the rules do change. Speak to us online or call our US or our UK telephone number which are tollfree. Do it today and take your Thai fiancee back to the UK.  Call us today or speak to us onelien for more information. See our main website for more details!


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